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"As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, So are the children of youth." (Psalm 127:4)

What a blessing it is to witness God’s work in the lives of his children. Badaro Baptist Church strives to enrich the lives of the youth by encouraging them to reach their full potential, through meetings, discipleship courses, summer camps, practical programs, workshops, football league, and other recreational and cultural activities.
Therefore, the aim of the youth ministry is to help God’s children “remember their creator in the days of their youth” and to live the rest of their lives according to His word and will.




Youth Meeting at the House of Brother Antoine Atallah – April 18, 2015
Youth meetings would never be complete had they not been yearly crowned by the hospitable spirit of Brother Antoine Atallah who warmly welcomed the youth members to spend a wonderful day at his house in Bezhel! It was an amazing day that entailed food preparation, a delicious barbecue, a blessed youth meeting prepared by the boys, and most of all a wonderful fellowship with each other.
We are always thankful to the Lord for giving us such blessed opportunities to grow more in our love for him and for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We pray that we draw closer to Him day after day and accordingly to one another.


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Youth Picnic – April 13, 2015
April 13th, 2015 was a day that will definitely be remembered!
The initial plan was to go for a picnic in the village of Richmayya. As we headed for the place, the weather was getting worse. We hardly were able to reach our destination just to discover that we could not even step out of the vans given the stormy weather and the heavy rain. The barbecue was turned into baked and fried food at the house of Youssef & Nawal Hilal who were hospitable enough to offer their house as shelter to 40 youth members. Although things didn’t go as planned, yet we surely thanked the Lord for allowing us to spend a great day together, and for blessing our fellowship through His presence in our midst and for His spirit that bonds us all together.


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Youth Spring Camp – April 2-4, 2015

We thank the Lord for the opportunity of holding a youth camp in the heart of Adma at the monastery “Our lady of the Mount”. The camp was held during Easter vacation from April 2-4, 2015 under the theme “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth” (Ecclesiastes 12: 1). The Lord blessed the youth camp from beginning to end, from the smallest hangouts between the youth, to the edifying topics and sermons discussed. On the first day, Pastor Milad Sleiman gave us two sessions that revolved around the character of Joseph, who lived a Godly, committed, and faithful life before God. Despite all the hurdles, hardships, and trials that faced him, Joseph stood fast and became a successful man because he feared God and had an intimate relationship with him. Joseph’s life taught us how God can transfer us from the pit to the palace when we remain loyal and faithful to him.
The very next day, Pastor Charbel Malak talked profoundly about two important issues that ought to be present in every believer’s life. The first one revolved around having a heart for the ministry, a heart to serve the Lord. We learned that ministering to others means offering our services and be willing to sacrifice our time, efforts, talents, and capabilities for the benefit of others. It is a misconception to think that having gifts and using them for the ministry gives us a privilege over others, on the contrary, ministering means being available to serve others and to cater to their needs. Who other than Jesus is our role model in true ministry! Pastor Malak explained how SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart Desire, Abilities, Personality, Experience) determines our ministry. We were reminded that ministry is not about whom we serve, whether they are deserving or not, but about the servant himself. To sum it up, true ministry requires Initiative, Sacrifice, and Humbleness. The second topic discussed was faithfulness, an important virtue that every believer should possess. Faithfulness entails loyalty, sincerity, fidelity, and full commitment to a person or thing or a promise we have made. As believers, we are bound to be faithful and honest towards God first, oneself, the church, and everyone else whether in our families, work, or church. We must always keep in mind that the Lord sees even the hidden things, our deepest thoughts and secrets are exposed to Him, and we should act and live according to that principle.
The youth camp also entailed devotions, worship and prayers, as well as spiritual and entertaining activities. It truly brought us all closer to one another but most importantly it brought us closer to Jesus. Each one returned home with a new resolution, determined to know the Lord more, obey Him, and be a good example and testimony to our surrounding.
We thank the Lord once again, and pray that we live according to what we learn from His word and be the soldiers He expects us to be.


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Youth summer camp – July 31–August 2, 2014

Our youth developed the habit of gathering every summer to have a fellowship with the lord and with each other. This year’s camp took place in one of the lovely villages in Bhamdoun, Al-Sakhra hotel. We were very privileged to host Brother Issam Khalil as the main speaker. The theme of the camp was: “launch out into the deep”, where Brother Khalil drew the trajectory that we as Christians must follow should we wish to live an in-depth Christian life. Brother Khalil pondered on how to take firm stands, and not to falter between two opinions. He also contemplated two important issues namely, the true liberty which lies only in Jesus Christ and God’s grace. Furthermore, he elaborated on the importance of “purposing in our hearts” to follow Jesus and do His will. Finally, he encouraged the youth “to be crucified with Christ” by letting Him live in us and rejecting anything that might stop us from proceeding with our spiritual life. The youth spent an amazing blessed time where many renewed their relationship with God and took new resolutions. We ask God to bless our youth and help them grow deeply in their spiritual journey.


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Youth Summer Camp - July 18-20, 2013

Badaro summer youth conference took place in Beit Munther on July 18, 19 & 20. Forty-two attendees gathered to learn more about the conference's theme: "who do you say that I am?" (Mat. 16:15).

Our Pastor, Tony Skaff, expounded the theme by talking about "Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, & my hope". The first night had a crescendo start where the youth gathered around the fire, praised and worshiped the Lord, and prayed for God's blessings for themselves & for everyone attending the conference.

God's message was clear to everyone; if Jesus Christ is your Savior, then you have to ask yourself: "from what did He save me?" Am I still doing the same sin(s)? If He is truly my savior, then He is my Lord! On the second night, the youth gathered around the fire having in mind their decisions they took during the day, and praying for their last day at the conference. The final session, on July 20, was related to the previous one; if Jesus is my Lord, then He is my only Hope!

The youth left Beir Munther in the afternoon, of the 20th, loaded with decisions for a better spiritual life with the Lord during this sojourn.


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Youth Spring Camp - March  28-30, 2013

Ain El Kassis Conference Center, in Dhour Shweir area, was the location of our youth camp that was held on March 28-30, 2013.
A beautiful, calm, and peaceful place to sit with God, learn more about Him, and enjoy the fellowship of brothers and sisters.

“Where Am I Amidst Life Changes,” was the theme of our camp.
Several keynote speakers enriched our camp with their insightful sermons.
Brother Philip Al Hajj initiated the first session about “Economic, Natural, and Political Changes”, followed by Pastor Rodolph Hayek,
who discussed “Social and Spiritual Changes” and shared with us his journey with God while fighting cancer.
On the last day, we were blessed to have Pastor Charlie Costa with us who talked about “Personal Changes”.
All the sessions were preceded by a time of worship and praises.

The sermons highlighted the importance of affirming our standpoint as Christians amidst all these changes and to hold fast to the word of God and not to be distracted by the changing surrounding but to stay
focused on the Lord, who is never-changing.

Every morning, devotional and prayer meetings were held. The program was exciting, enlightening, educating, and most of all it was spirit lifting

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Youth trip to the snow - February  23, 2013





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