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"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest." (Matthew 9:37)

In a country where the Christian faith is minority, the harvest is indeed plentiful!
Badaro Baptist Church has been appointed by the Supreme Council of Prisons in Lebanon to supervise
the on-going Evangelical work in local prisons. Our aim is to bring the message of Hope to the hopeless, and Christ's love to those who never knew the meaning of the word. The ministry also extends beyond the prisoners themselves to reach their families and their children wherever they reside. Our main aim is to bring those families to Christ and thus give them the opportunity of a better life – here and thereafter.



“For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me…” (Mathew 25: 35 & 36)






Visits to the Armenian Elderly House
The church has recently started a new outreach ministry that entails visits to an Elderly House in Bourj Hammoud.
Every Thursday, brothers and sisters from the church visit the elderly and share the gospel with them. In addition to sharing a word from the Bible, the elderly spend some time together singing hymns in the Armenian and the Arabic language, praying, eating snacks, and socializing.
Sometimes, the youth from the church partake in this ministry.

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the prisoners as if chained with them..."
(Hebrews 13:3)


We praise the Lord for this wide evangelism door that He has opened before us, in which the message of Jesus’ love and salvation is being brought to these inmates who are in desperate need for Christ’s love.

















The Prison Events  2012
Besides the regular and weekly visits, we were very blessed this year to hold a series of events in all the prisons of Lebanon: Roumieh, Verdun, Baabda, Zahle, tripoli, Zghata and Amioun.
The Word of God was presented by Pastors Tony Skaff, Charbel Malak, counselors Michel Salloum, farid Lahoud, loucien Salloum and the singers Ricardo, Marian, and Berbel. Also
counselors: Sara, Erene, and Irma led the worship in the languages: English, Tagalo,  Malagasy, and Hindi.
The prisoners greatly enjoyed the sermons and their response was quite amazing. They had so many questions to ask so we had to extend the session to be able to respond to all their questions. Their questions were varied and revolved around the themes of sin, God’s love, and salvation.   

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Reaching out to the prisoners' families
The main purpose of this ministry is presenting the gospel, so that many may be saved and have eternal life. The second purpose includes legal services in courts, social and humanitarian services such as providing medicines and food to prisoners and their families.
Our aim is to ensure that those families would choose the right track lest they too end up in prison.

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One Day Retreat
The church invited all the staff who work in the prisons of Lebanon to gather for a one-day retreat at the church, where everyone shared his or her experience for the benefit of the ministry.
A lunch was offered at the end of the day.

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Sin El Fil Church Center
 The ministry started in 1970 when one of the church members started the meetings at his home. Later on, the church bought the apartment so they could arrange an official meeting every Tuesday, with a special program for children.  Meanwhile, a small group meets there once a week for a prayer meeting.














Special programs for the kids
The children of Sin El Fil often enjoy a special  program arranged by the youth of our church, where they learn and sing Christian songs, play games, watch sketches, and listen to a message from the bible that invites them, as children, “to come to Jesus for of such is the kingdom of heaven”.
Gifts are offered at the end of each program.
We believe in a living and active word and we pray for a new generation that will rise and carry the gospel to others.

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