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  A-Nimre Haidamous
B-Michel Rahhal
C-Jamal Rahhal
D-Najla Haddad
E-Margo Soweidi
F-Shafika Nashef

G-Rene Rizkallah
H-Souad Rahhal
I-Cozhaia Costa
J-Nabil Costa
K-Michel Sallou,
L-Salwa Haddad
M-Boulos Haddad
N-George Ishak
O-Elias Soweidi
P-Wadih Haddad
Q-Rizkallah Nashef
R-Yousef Jabbour
S-Habib Hajj
T-Antoun Hajj
U-Camil Costa
V-Samir Haddad


...Beginning of the church 1956
    The ministry at Badaro Baptist Church started in 1956. Members of the congregation used to meet at the house of the founder, brother Boulos Haddad, who at the time was an employee at a prominent company.
Over the years, the ministry grew and new comers started joining.
As such, the founder and the members moved to a rented house in Badaro where worship and prayer services took place. As for the Sunday school, for children, it used to take place at the church while adults used to meet in the houses of the church members because the church premises was too small to fit everybody.



          Memories 1958-1973


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Sunday School





Al Gharib magazine  

الإنتصار بالإيمان بقلم أنيس شرّش


جددًا وعتقاء بقلم الياس صليبي 


الإكتفاء  بقلم وجيه سمعان


لماذا تموت اجتماعات الصلاة  توفيق مشرقي


ركن الفرد المسيحي  بقلم  يوسف قسطه


يا حبيبي  بقلم  سليم احوش


مع الشباب   بقلم  وديع حداد



Al Gharib Camp  
  View a table that contains the main topics discussed in the different issues of the magazine.
The complete set is available as a hard copy at the church library.


Officially established 1958
The Church was officially established On 8 March 1958,  the church was officially established with 28 member namely: Boulos & Salwa Haddad, Kozhaya & Helen Costa, Mikhael & Nahil Abboud, Milhem Haidamous, Wadih Haddad, Michel & Souad Rahhal, Habib and Antoun Hajj, Nakhle Dib, Louis Helou, Ihssan Aboud, Rene Khairallah, Emily Rahhal, Fayez & Jamal Rahhal, Margo Tabet, Abdo & Najla Haddad, Yousef & Shafeeka Rizkallah, Camil Nouneh,  Elias & Shaker Sowaidi.


In 1959 brother Boulos Haddad was elected and ordained pastor of the church. He continued working as an employee in the company till 1972 . After which he resigned and became totally devoted to the church.
Under his leadership, the church kept growing and its mission reached many villages in different parts of Lebanon like the mountain (Ain Dara & Kahhaleh), The South (Jizzine), Bekaa Valley, and the suburbs of Beirut.
Brothers and sisters were eager and zealous to reach out to their families. As such, many visits were arranged to different villages to preach the gospel and spread tracts. As a result four new centers were established in different areas: Ain Dara, Shiyah, Khirbet Kanafar, and Jizzine, and the Lord blessed His work tremendously and those centers became official churches.
Al Ghareeb Magazine 1960
In 1960, the church published a magazine called Al Ghareeb which means "the stranger".
It was issued bimonthly and discussed many important subjects
related to prayer and revivals that help Christians in their spiritual life. It also included many articles and sermons written by brothers and sisters from different local churches. The magazine was distributed throughout the Arab world and other countries. The first executive director was Maurice Jureidini, and the first senior editor was Dr. Wadih Haddad.
The last issue (# 89) was published in 1974. The complete set of Al Ghareeb magazine is available as a hard copy at the church library.
The New Building 1972
When the church in Badaro could no longer fit all the new comers, the church seniors decided to purchase a new land in the same area and built a new church, where Badaro Baptist Church is currently located. 
The new church building was inaugurated in 1972, and is composed of
5 floors, and for the first time could cater for Sunday school classes, and a church hall that  fits 400 individuals.
In 2003, Reverend Boulos Haddad retired and brother Michel Abbas took over until he resigned in 2004, where Reverend Tony Skaff was elected pastor of the church and has been pastoring the church since then.









Habib & Coletter Hajj 1959    Robert & Souad Haddad 1966 Nimeh & Yvonne Zaiter 1970   Samouil  & Rima Rahhal 1981
Lois & Agnes Helou 1960   Abdo & Siham Issa 1967 Nabih & Samia Haddad 1972 (Ain Dara)   Farid & Lena Lahhoud 1981
Yousef & Salma Jabbour 1960   Mike & Habaa Feghali 1968 Samir & Maha Marji 1973   Saba & Theressa Dibo 1982
George & Rose Feghali 1963   Mauris & Rafka Gedeon 1969 Dimirti & Leile Nseir 1973   Majdi & Saada Melki 1984
Edmond & Elisabeth Melki 1963   Hanna & Nahi Atwi 1969 Camil  & Mona Costa 1979   Pierre & Katia Rahhal 1984
Edmond & Hanne Karam 1963 George & Jamal Saba 1970 Paul & Mary Jiries 1980   Rabih & Cladys Abi Khalil 1984
 Wadih & Hoda Haddad 1964   Ghassan & Hanneh Khalaf 1970 Nazih & Amal Khater 1980   Dawood & Lydia Souleiman 1984
Samir & Yvette Haddad 1964   Samouil & Grace Atweh 1970 Hanna & Sawsan Tannoury 1980   Hadi & Ghada Iskandar 1986
Michel & Laur Salloum 1965     Michel & Norma Khoury 1980    



Memories 1980-2003

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